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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

***NEW*** ~Spring Thyme~ Rag Wreath Tutorial from ORP...

Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to "share" my ***NEW***...
~Spring Thyme~ Rag Wreath Tutorial with all of you!
If you've spent much time on "Pinterest" then you've seen
these "rag wreaths" all over the place!
I've been wanting to make one of these for some time now!
I can tell you, they are very simple and very inexpensive to make!
It's a "no sew" project!
All's you need is a little time!
It took me approximately 2 1/2 hours to make this wreath!
It's a great project to do while you are sitting in front of the TV at night!
So, here is my version of "rag wreath"!
Are you ready for some ~fun~?

~Spring Thyme~ Rag Wreath Tutorial:
Supplies List:
(1) 16" Wire Wreath Form (Hobby Lobby-$2.99) as shown in photo below
(2) Yards of Muslin (JoAnn's Fabrics-$2.99 yd.)
Aspen Wood Excelsior (JoAnn's Fabrics)
Green Excelsior Moss (JoAnn's Fabrics)
5 Colored/Speckled Eggs

Start by tearing the muslin into 1" X 8" strips!  I tore 8" strips first and then tore 
those strips down into 1" strips!  This rag wreath takes approximately (325) 1" X 8" strips!
You will want to "fray" these strips as you go!  You can get the kids involved in
the "tearing" and "fraying" part!  Kids love to be included in craft projects!  Begin your wreath by 
tying these strips onto the wire wreath form!
 Tie the first strip onto the two "outer" wires of the wreath form!  Tie the second
strip to the two "middle" wires and a third strip to the two "inner" wires of the
wreath form.   Continue around until you have the wire wreath from completely covered
in strips of muslin!
The photo below is a "back" view of the wreath...
The photo below is a front view of the wreath...
Once you have the wire wreath form covered you will want to add
a bow "hanger"!  Tear a 2" X 36" strip from the muslin fabric!
Wrap it around the top of the wreath!  Make a bow for hanging!

To finish the wreath, you will need to form a "nest" from some of 
the Aspen wood excelsior!  Glue it the the botton/left hand of the wreath
or in "clock talk" the 7 O'clock position!  Make a smaller nest from the green
excelsior moss!  Glue this moss to the Aspen wood nest!  Glue three of 
the colored/speckled eggs to this nest!  Glue two other little nests & eggs to the wreath, one
in the 9 O' clock & one in the 2 O' clock positions on the wreath!
Of coarse, you can "dress" this little rag wreath up with whatever embelishments
you like, it doesn't have to be "nests & eggs"!
It is even ~darling~ without anything on it!
Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope that you have enjoyed this ***FREE*** tutorial from

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Thanks for stopping by today!